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Sprayer Alpine Alpine
Sprayer Alpine Power 150 Alpine Power 150
Sprayer Alpine Power 200 Alpine Power 200
Sprayer  Orion Orion
Sprayer Evolution Evolution
Sprayer Alsazia Top Alsazia Top
Sprayer Loire Loire
Sprayer Rhone Rhone
Sprayer Rhone Top Rhone Top
Sprayer Charentes Charentes
Sprayer Alsazia perfect Alsazia perfect
Sprayer Perfection Perfection
Sprayer Föhn Föhn - Föhn-R

Ideal sprayers for treatments to orchards and vineyards are all equipped with axial fans and polyethylene tanks of various capacities, in order to allow different types of treatment in plantation with many plantation systems.
Ideal’s first sprayers were produced in 1965 and were already equipped with engine axial fans and steel tanks. Since then Ideal has continuously enhanced its sprayers, thanks to both technological developments and a better and better knowledge of its field.

Actually, Ideal puts everyday a lot of efforts on designing new sprayers, in order to continuously produce new ones to be offered on the market that allow to obtain better and better results.

Furthermore, Ideal has been concerning also about the major ecological issues, gaining day by day more and more satisfactory results and earning the approval of big important examining organizations, especially in all the Countries requiring these qualifications. As a result, each new sprayer is equipped with specific protections and safety systems in accordance with European directives and can also be completed with accessories and optional which add versatility and safety of use.