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Low volume sprayers Supra Maraichere Supra Maraichere

Since 1970s IDEAL company has been producing low volume sprayers, particularly conceived to micronize water and product in very tiny drops and so ensuring a better covering on the whole vegetation.

Differently from common sprayers with axial fans, in a low volume sprayer micronization is achieved through the Venturi system. Indeed, product is not micronized by a high pressure jet, but thanks to the air coming out from diffuser at high speed. Actually product passes through a calibration plate and is taken to diffusers at low pressure. Here it crosses the air that, with its high speed, micronizes it.

This systems allows users to position diffusers close to the vegetation to be treated, consequently avoiding drift and waste of product. Moreover, these diffusers are usually assembled onto special booms, which can treat 1, 2 or even 3 rows at the same time.

Ideal low volume sprayers work with a double pressure circuit: a high pressure circuit to stir the product in the tank and to use other optional like cans cleaner, tank rinsing device, products pre-mixer or guns; and a low pressure circuit to distribute water and product. In this way the machine can better carry out all its functions.