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Inter-row weeders Inter-row weeders
Weeder - Spraying Poly Eco Poly Eco
Weeder Poly Poly
Weeder - Spraying Poly TR Poly TR
Weeder Poly Super T Poly Super T
Diserbatrice Poly Super Plus Mounted Poly Super Plus Mounted
Weeder Poly Super Plus trailed Poly Super Plus Trailed

Ideal designs and produces a wide range of weeders, which can be equipped with either manual or hydraulic booms, 8 to 24 meters long, suitable for both weed-control treatments and chemical treatments on vegetables. Furthermore, thanks to their easy use and their operating autonomy, IDEAL weeders ensure the best precision in chemicals distribution and the fine-tuning of distributed quantity of water, so that environment is safeguarded and running costs reduced.
Finally, each Ideal model of weeder can be equipped with volumetrical elctro-valves to open and close the different boom’s sections and with DPA devices.