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Following limits on events organizations due to Covid-19 emergency, EIMA INTERNATIONAL doubled its event creating EIMA DIGITAL PREVIEW, in order to allow everybody to seethe novelties of agricultural mechanization.

Eima Digital Preview,, on stage from 11th to 15th November, will be a unique event, a link to the physical event planned for 2021, allowing both users and companies of the agriculture industry to meet each other on a dedicated online platform.

We also will be present with our products and novelties at Eima Digital Preview, with a real 3D booth where you can not only see our product catalogue and videos, but also talk with us and discover the best care for your crops. To take part to this event, you just need to register online at https://www.eima.it/en/visitatori/user-form.php, while to find our booth you should enter the section dedicated to crops' protection machines. We will be there at our online booth waiting to talk with you on our conference room. 

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us by email at info@idealitalia.it or by phone at +39 0425 546482.

Eima Digital Preview



Ideal focuses on safety and technology for its sprayers and increase the number of models with ENTAM certification and European road approval
Ideal starts 2019 season with the aim of improving also its offer, achieving both European road approval and ENTAM certification for some of its field sprayers. Poly Super Plus field sprayer has gained, indeed, the European road approval compliant with mother regulation. It is only the first one of a wider range though, since Ideal is achieving European road approval for almost all its models. And this is proof of its continuous aim at being the forefront in safety and respect of the latest laws and regulations.

Also, ENAMA/ENTAM certification for some of the field sprayers manufactured in the province of Padua is another meaningful achievement. Since 2019, this important certification will be applicable also on models Poly and Poly Super Plus, both in mounted and trailed version and with different hydraulic booms for wee-control. With ENTAM certification Ideal attests not only sprayers’ safety and functionality, but also construction technology.

Both these important steps show Ideal continuous will to improve its products and be up-to-date, as well as respect laws currently in force.



A successful restyling of Ideal tanks

To end its successful 2017 with a bang, Ideal launches its new and restyled tanks for its sprayers, aiming at enhancing both their design and performance.

Indeed, new tanks allow first a better balancing of sprayers themselves, thanks to the new position of the rinsing-tank. This tank with clean water used to clean the circuit is now re-positioned, making sprayers more stable, especially when there is little liquid in the main tank.
With this modern and futuristic design, moreover, all equipment for services (e.g. suction filter, rinsing and discharge valves) are on the same side of the sprayer, consequently helping the user in its job.
And, last but not least, new configuration of tanks allows a better inner-stirring of liquid, as well as a perfect cleaning of their inner side.

New tanks were launched during Agritechnica exhibition in Hannover – Germany, achieving resounding success among public.


Among the new products launched by Ideal in 2016, the electrostatic system stands out, as the result of all the innovative efforts of this Italian company to reach a higher environment protection, a simplification in working and a consequent saving of resources and time.

Indeed, it is now available the electrostatic device, especially conceived in order to enhance distribution of liquid onto the vegetation and reduce the risk of losing chemicals in the air. In details, the electrostatic device actually enables to ionize water particles in order to lead the sprayed liquid directly towards the plant – charged with opposite polarity – with a consequent better coverage and resources saving.

The electrostatic device can be assembled on a wide range of Ideal sprayers, for a better efficiency of treatments on crops.



From 9th to 13th November at Eima International exhibition in Bologna, Ideal introduces its new APP for smartphones to easily obtain important data about treatments

Now nothing is easier than getting immediate statistics on your crops.

From 9th to 13th November at Eima International exhibition in Bologna, Ideal introduces as first preview an absolute innovation: Drop Save APP, which allows users to receive immediately on their smartphones statistics regarding treatments process, helping them to fill the “farmer book” in.

Quick, easy and intuitive, Drop Save APP can transfer several useful data from the DPA computer of the machine to the user’s smartphone, e.g.: average speed for treatments, hectares treated, liquid sprayed, recovered liquid, type of chemical used, hours of work, machine positions during treatments.

Thanks to the immediate Bluetooth connection, users can see and download on their smartphones complete statistics for their work, then transfer them from smartphone to their PCs and read them at home with the proper program. Furthermore, the whole data can be saved on cloud and transferred from cloud to the PC: in this way, users can double check statistic even from home.

This APP is a valid partner for Drop Save, the cutting-edge low volume sprayer by Ideal. Drop Save, is a low volume sprayer equipped with recycling system allowing both economic and environmental benefits. Indeed, this sprayer can work at low volume and recover up to 50% of the sprayed liquid. Thanks to Venturi system, liquid is highly micronized, enabling consequently a better coverage. At the same time, recycling panels can recover the liquid that does not hang on leaves, resending it to the water circuit through a patented suction system.

Drops Save and its app are only one of the several innovations by Ideal, leadercompany in the industry of crops protection, thanks to its staff and its 70-year expertise.



This year again ideal takes part to Agritechnica – Hannover and Sitevi – Montpellier, 2 leading exhibitions in the industry of agriculture, and chose these 2 stages to present its new low volume sprayer Supra, with bigger double suction impeller and polyethylene fan.

Supra is the low volume sprayer with Venturi system for low and medium volume treatments on medium and big vineyards with leafy plants. Supra has always been equipped with a centrifugal fan with high performances, but it is now more powerful and less noisy, thanks to its new polyethylene fan. Indeed, the new shape together with the bigger impeller ensure higher performance since they enable higher air volume coming out from diffusers at higher speed. Moreover, the new shape and material used (polyethylene) reduce the noise produced consequently helping the user.

The result is a low volume sprayer with great performance, which ensures a very thin and constant micronization, a perfectly balanced water supply to diffusers and an excellent coverage on vegetation consequently saving time and resources.

New Supra is availbale in the mounted version with tanks of 400-600-800-1000 liters capacity and in the trailed version with tanks of 800-1000-1500-2000 liters capacity. To carry out treatments, Surpa id equipped with specific booms which can treat up to 3 rows at the same time and which can be controlled by the user from the tractor cab.

For further technical info click here http://www.idealitalia.it/en/products/supra.php

New Supra



From 1st May to 31st October 2015 Ideal takes part to “Demofarm Orticola” in Guidizzolo (MN), a collateral event of EXPO 2015 

During Expo 2015, Ideal srl takes part to DemoFarm Orticola an event supported by the Chamber of Commerce of Mantua and Unioncamere Lombardia. The event takes place from 1st May to 31st October 2015 in Guidizzolo, close to Mantua.

The aim of the event is showing the “Made in Italy” Excellences, and in particular international leaders in the industry of horticulture, through practical demonstrations and guided visits. 

Among the machines exhibited in Guidizzolo and precisely at the premises of Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche (Strada Squadri 6, Guidizzolo – Mantua), there will be also Ideal cannon sprayers Mig and Mig FS.

These cannon sprayers are especially conceived for treatments to horticulture crops and high plants.

In details, Mig is a gun-head sprayer, suitable for treatments to horticulture crops and high plants both in open field and glass-houses. Its fan can rotate up to 90° and its spray can reach 40/45 meters horizontally and 20/25 meters vertically.

On the other hand, Mig FS is a low volume gun-head sprayer which micronizes products and water in very tiny drops. Its spray can reach 40/45 meters horizontally and 20/25 meters vertically and its gun-head can move hydraulically both vertically and horizontally. This sprayer is consequently suitable for treatments even to hydroponic crops both in tunnels and greenhouses.

These innovative technical features are the result of a constant research and development – carried out also together with universities and organizations – on which Ideal has been focusing for almost 70 years while realizing its products.

Moreover, taking part to this event is a sign that Ideal Company strives continuously to create new relations and collaborations. Its aim is concretely developing ventures worldwide to sustain horticulture activities of every farmer, satisfying the needs and the new challenges of the global market.

To see and touch these products designed by Ideal an appointment must be scheduled, both through the Chamber of Commerce of Mantua or by writing an email to one of the following addresses: info@idealitalia.it o info@ferraricostruzioni.com

For further information visit www.demofarmorticola.com