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Ideal is a leading Italian company in the industry of machinery for crops protection.

It was founded in 1947 and since then it has been working to supply both small and big farms from all over the world with its great expertise and products. Mr. Danilo Faccio, an enterprising craftsman and farmer willing to improve the underdeveloped agricultural mechanization of his time, produced his first self-propelled sprayer to carry out chemicals treatments. His idea was successful and soon the business started.

In the 1960s, with the cooperation of his sons, first sprayers with axial fan were realized, and afterwards production kept growing and improving. New models were launched in the market and more market share were gained, so that in 1992 Mr. Giuseppe Faccio, Danilo’s son, enlarged the company and moved to Castelbaldo (Padova), a close village chosen to maintain manpower and so know-how and expertise. Also these headquarters were renewed and enlarged a few times since 1992 to face production increase and improve efficiency. Nowadays Ideal is run by the grandchildren of founder Danilo, Mr. Simone Faccio and Mrs. Silvia Faccio, who are continuously focusing on both product innovation - part of Ideal’s DNA - and product customization, in order to better adapt its products to the different markets’ needs.

With this aim, Ideal has developed many new products and gained various patents, confirming its expertise and solidity worldwide in the field of machines for agriculture, thanks to the constant commitment in research and development and cooperation with several authorities and universities. And, Ideal has been focusing since ever on internationalization, being now present with its sales network in Europe and all over the world, as well as Italy.

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